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Today I am free…


I am free from the shackles of corporations; from the infamous rat race; from being confined in a room full of conformance, competition, pay checks, fear for survival and criterion for approvals. A room with no windows to get an outside view of the world, things that matter, family, friends, health and kindness. I am free from being enslaved to the Wooly Mammoth… (or so I would like to think.) [More on the Wooly Mammoth later…]


It is January 26th – Australia Day down under, Liberation day in Uganda and Republic Day in India; it is the day of the Great Rebellion. The world's largest diamond ever, the Cullinan was found on this day in 1905 at a mine near Pretoria in South Africa. It feels like I have found a diamond…. I have found myself. Now it is my duty, my religion to shape this diamond into something valuable…. highly valuable to the society…. to the mankind and to the Mother Earth.


How can I shape this diamond?


First of all I need to create time for this project. Now that I have quit my job, I have plenty of time. I am not suggesting you quit your job. There are a number of ways to create time to shape this diamond; a couple are listed below:


  1. Delete your facebook account; and all other social media accounts (unless you are running a business that conducts its marketing on social media)


  • We do not realize how many hours every week we spend on such platforms. You would, nonetheless, realize how much free time you have after you clean up your soul from this plague of social media. But wait, I need facebook to be in touch with my friends and family, you might ask; I am not anti-social and I certainly do not wish to be disconnected from the society or so you might think.

  • I deleted my facebook profile years ago after reading an article that a friend and ex colleague of mine shared. I do not remember exactly what the article was but the gist of it was that we portray a picture of our lives to others as we would like it to be. There is some kind of competition going on where we must post pictures, videos, status updates, share interesting articles to get likes or comments from others…. Perhaps to get some kind of approval from others that we are cool; but are we really? See here the Wooly Mammoth reference I promised at the very beginning.
  • Then how do I keep connected to the friends and family… and to the wider society; you might ask. All my friends and family have my phone number, email and they know where to find me. I would rather talk to someone or meet someone every 6 months or a year and have some genuine and affectionate conversation where I set out a time only for them than to like their comments and pictures on facebook every second day with lack of genuine emotion and moving on to the next post in my newsfeed.
  • Now that I have this free time, I could go out and have a conversation with my neighbor, meet new people at the gym or coffee club or find out how amazing that family is few houses down the street.


  1. Studies show that an average human spends 8 years on the phone during lifetime. Stop calling your friends every second day to ask how is life going, how their day was, what they had in lunch and whether they had any news to share with you. Seriously, how much is their life going to change in a few days? And if it does, wouldn’t they call you and share the good news with you? Or in unfortunate circumstances, if something bad happens in their life, wouldn’t they call you and seek comfort from you? If your answer is NO to any of these, are they really your true friends and worth spending your time on?


Imagine what you could do with that free time.


  • You could read a book or two every now and then.
  • You could watch inspirational videos e.g. listen to Robin Sharma.
  • You could enroll in an online course and complete it part time. Try here: Coursera
  • You could go for a walk, join a gym, cook for yourself.
  • Sleep an extra hour. Saving time by sleeping less might not be a good idea. See here: Healthy Sleep
  • That task you planned to spend the whole Saturday doing? You could break it down in 2 hour blocks for each weekday and free up your Saturday to spend it at the theme park.
  • Have a conversation with a family member; really, how much time do we waste pleasing ‘friends’ on the internet which we could spend talking to loved ones at home.


So, how are you going to shape your diamond?

I would love to hear from you. Please let me know below: